Bradley Stonesifer was raised in a small agrarian town in central Maryland. Growing up as one of four children, he spent his school days immersed in athletics and art. Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, Summa Cum Laude, his tireless hands-on approach to camera and lighting laid the groundwork for his generous work ethic. His Favorite kind of project is the one that is presented with a world of inconceivable challenges, always seeing the beauty in the process.

Award Winning Films, Major festivals, Theatrical Releases

  • “The Vicious Kind” Sundance 2009, Nom Best Cinematography Strasbourg International Film Festival
  • “Almost Kings”  LAFF 2010
  • “Spork” Tribeca 2010, Winner Best Feature Virtual Category
  • “God Bless America” Toronto and SXSW 11' & 12’, 
  • “Hit & Run” opened to over 2800 theaters in Oct. 2012
  • “Me + Her” Sundance 2014  
  • "De Puta Madre"  2014 Best Cinematography Columbia Gorge International Film Festival
  • “Call Me Lucky” Sundance 2015

Directors - Partial List  

Catherine Black, Emily S. Bloom, Sean Brosnan, Dana Christiaansen, Nenad Cicin-Sain, Brett Fallentine, Phil Flores, JB Ghuman Jr., Bobcat Goldthwait, ZS Grant, Todd Kellstein, Chase Kenney, Lee Krieger, Monica Lind, David Palmer, Laban Pheidias, Jeff Reed, Michael Rosenbaum, Frank Samuel, Jesse Shamata, Dax Shepard, James Tooley....  

Campaigns - Partial List 

Absolut, Alibaba, Asus, Craftsman, Dickies, Dodgers, Ford, Google, Harley Davidson, ION, Microsoft,  Ovation, Promedica, Quaker, Redbull, Rockstar, SAP, Subaru, Youtube, Worx....